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How can I get a .ie domain name?

What is the IEDR

The IEDR is the domain registry for .ie Domain Names and maintains the database of .ie registered Internet names. The IEDR (www.iedr.ie) is an independent not-for-profit organisation that manages the .ie country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) namespace in the public interest of the Irish and global Internet communities.

What are the categories which I can register a .ie under

  • Personal Name
    You can now register your name as a .ie domain name. Joe Bloggs can now register www.joebloggs.ie as of Wednesday 31st Oct 2007
  • Corporate Name
    We simply require the registered company number to be supplied in the remarks field of the application form.
  • Registered Trademark Name
    We require the Registered Trademark number (Irish, Community, British or American only) to be entered in the remarks field of the application form. All other Trademark holders must submit a copy of the Trademark certificate.
  • Registered Business Name
    We simply require that the Registered Business Name number is entered in the remarks of the application form.
  • State Agency Name
    No documentation is required provided that we can verify the applicant is a Statutory Body.
  • Publication Name
    Documentation proving the applicant is the owner of the publication e.g. A faxed copy of the page from the publication where the writer or publisher is clearly stated. In the case of Ezine publications, simply provide the link to the online publication.
  • School Name
    If the Educational Institution is recognised by the Department of Education no supporting information is required. Otherwise a letter on the applicants headed paper will suffice.
  • Politicians Name
    A signed letter, on official letterhead, from the politician confirming their eligibility to register a domain name in this category
  • Unincorporated Association Name
    A self-issued letter from the applicant on the association's letterhead stating that they are an Unincorporated Association and require the domain name to reflect their organisation's name
  • Personal Trading Name
    A VAT number or a letter from the applicant's solicitor, accountant or bank manager confirming that the applicant trades under their own name
  • Discretionary Name
    We require a detailed letter from the applicant outlining their claim on the proposed domain name. If the applicant is a registered company or has a registered business name, please supply the registered numbers within the letter

Further information can be found in the Irish Domain Registry Website www.iedr.ie

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