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Back Ordering a Domain Name
getting your hands on domains which are about to expire

Thousands of domain names expire every day. Domains expire for many reasons, mainly because the owner does not pay the renewal fee or has simply lost interest in the domain. When a domain registration expires, it becomes available to the public until someone registers it.

There is a common misconception that domains expire on their expiration date. If a domain registration is not renewed by its expiration date, the domain simply goes into "expired" status, which means all services are shut off. Though there is a 40-day grace period during which the current holder can still renew it for a standard renewal fee, achieving this status is a good indicator that it may not be renewed.

After 40 days, the domain enters the "redemption period." During this period, all WHOIS information is erased, and more importantly, it will now cost the current holder an additional fee to reactivate and renew the domain registration. When a domain enters this phase, it is very sure indicator that the owner has decided not to renew. 

We can back-order a domain name but there is no guarantee that it will become available or that you will get the domain name if it does become available.   

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