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Backing up your Valuable Data
how valuable are your family photos?

Backing up your data is very very very very important. Over the course of my IT life I have seen countless people with their hands in their hands because they never backed up their valuable data, so learn from their mistakes and ensure you back up your data.

Is it expensive to back up data?

It need not be very expensive. The easiest way to backup your data is to get a mobile usb hard drive like the one in the photo. They are very small and portable but have a large capacity.   They are portable as they do not require a seperate power lead or plug.  These small drives get their power directly from the computer they are connected to.  These drives are ideal for laptop owners but can also be utilized by normal pc owners. 


These drives are also compatible with Macs also but if you have a mac you will have to use a mac sync software called Time Machine instead of the one listed below. Time Machine comes built-in with Mac OS Leopard and Snow Leopard. For a step by step guide to set up time machine. Click Here

The Cost of These USB Mobile Drives

These usb mobile hard drives start around 69 for a 320 GB hard drive. For the average user that would be lots and lots of space. You could fit 10 years worth of photos, documents, and media files on to the drive and still have room for more. I recently bought a 500GB drive for 99 euro which was fantastic value for money.

Once you purchase your usb hard drive you need some syncronising software to do all the leg work. I recommend Good Sync. This software is fantastic. It will ensure that both sets of files are perfectly in sync. It only takes a few seconds to do regular synchronisations as it only moves the files that have changed or are new. You can purchase good sync software direct from their website for 24.99 and it will make your computer life alot easier.  You only need to plug in the usb hard drive when you want to back it up.  When not in use you can just put it away safe, or in your safe.


So for the investment of 125 you are protecting your valuable data. Ask yourself how much are your family photos? how much is your work data worth? how much is your emails worth? These are questions you need to ask yourself. I always say, back it up, back it up and if your unsure back it up.

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