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The Dangers of Social Networking For Kids
the risks and prevention steps

Social Networking Sites

Social Networking has overnight become one of the most popular things to do on the internet.   And is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have on the internet.  But with Social Networking comes a certain risk and responsibility to you and your family. Although many social networking sites have privacy settings the responsibility of access comes down to the user posting private information onto a public internet.  Always be aware that when you post content to your profile you are posting it onto the internet. A globally accessible network of information without restrictions.

You can't take it back once you post it, and you may regret it in the future.  For teenagers, college students beware most employers will have a facebook or social networking page and will search for a potential job candidates to see the real person, not the shiney clean shaven, well spoken person who had an interview that day with the company.  So the potential employer searches for the candidate on the internet and comes across their profile and they click on the photo album called "Saturday Night Party" and they see the candidate falling on the floor drunk,  so suddenly the employer is now thinking if I hire this person will I have to worry how they will behave at the company family party, or christmas party?   Just beware that anything you put on your facebook, myspace or any other social networking site is on the internet forever and easily searched.

Safety for Kids on Social Networking

With a network of over 450 Million People on facebook and countless millions on other social networking sites around the world you are likely to find some dangerous people. So you need to take steps to prevent your family from being at risk.

So to begin, lets get a clear picture of the danger cause this 450 million number isn't scary enough.  Lets take that 450 Million users and lets say for example purposes that 0.5% are dangerous people. That is 2.25 Million dangeous people, now lets look at how many countries are in the world lets say 200 to keep everyone happy. Thats 11250 Dangerous people per country who prowl the social networking sites for victims. Its a very scary figure when you break it down like that.  To scare you even more the true number is probably 10 times more.

Keep your friends list a friends list and set your privacy settings to "Friends ONLY" not "Friends of Friends" because you can only control what you do not what other people do and if one of your lose canon friends has added a dangerous person he will have access to all your information and photos if you are using the "Friends of Friends" privacy settings.

Social Networking For Parents

Parents need to be pro-active in who your kids are networking with.   If you have a young child using facebook you should be extra careful and teach your child to watch for dangers.   Teach them what information they are allowed to give out because most children do not realise that giving out their address is a danger.  Even in chat rooms they should not give out their specific contact details ever because they do not know who they are talking to. 

Top Tips to prevent being vunerable.

  • Make sure you set the privacy settings correctly to protect your privacy and to protect yourself from strangers. If you set your settings wrong people can still access your photos, info when they are not your friend.
  • Ask your friends and family to have a look at your profile to check that you arenít giving out too much personal information or posting inappropriate photos/films because they might see something youíve missed.
  • Keep your passwords and secret security questions to yourself.
  • Respect yourself and others online. Dont make yourself a target by posting tempting information.
  • If you are unlucky enough to have a bad experience online report it to the service provider and tell an adult
  • Cyberbullying is NEVER acceptable. If you or someone you know is targeted by bullies online tell them to tell an adult and very important to keep evidence of the bullying behaviour and never reply

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