Cork Web Design Starter Webiste Package

The Starter Website Package is designed for a start-up company who are looking for something simple and affordable.

Cork Web Design Business Webiste Package

This Package is ideal for medium to large companies who would like to have a corporate feel to the design.

Cork Web Design Premier Webiste Package

The Premier Website Package is ideal for large companies looking to have a large corporate sized website and display their full product line.

Cork Web Design E-Commerce Webiste Package

The E-Commerce Website Package takes the Product System in the Premier Website Package to a new level by adding the online sales aspect.

What is Hosting and Why do I need it?

Hosting is like renting and office-space.  Like an office-space you rent it from a dedicated business centre that has all the facilities needed to ensure you conduct your business efficiently and securly.  Same as this we have our servers in a world class data centre that is specically developed for this service.   Our servers are located in Cork City,  this local placement of our servers ensures that our customers data never leaves the country.

Just like any home address our server has an address so that when people type your website address into the internet they can find the location of your website. This is like a office directory listing,  only on the internet its called a DNS or Domain Name System.  All our websites are hosted on our dedicated name servers

Once we develop your website we store it in our server building,  you rent an officespace from us on an annual basis and you can have a larger or smaller space depending on your needs.  Our server building is open 24/7 365 Days a year so that it is available anytime someone types in your address.  We use the best servers available and we only use Intel and HP Servers which are world leaders in servers and as a rule we only use the best servers available.  For full details and the features on offer in our Annual Hosting Package click here.

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