Cork Web Design Starter Webiste Package

The Starter Website Package is designed for a start-up company who are looking for something simple and affordable.

Cork Web Design Business Webiste Package

This Package is ideal for medium to large companies who would like to have a corporate feel to the design.

Cork Web Design Premier Webiste Package

The Premier Website Package is ideal for large companies looking to have a large corporate sized website and display their full product line.

Cork Web Design E-Commerce Webiste Package

The E-Commerce Website Package takes the Product System in the Premier Website Package to a new level by adding the online sales aspect.

What is the best Internet Security Product?

Cork Web Design recommends Symantec Norton Internet Security. This package can be purchased in any good computer retail shop or online directly from the Symantec Homepage. Always make sure you get the most up to date version. 

Once you purchase the package the best protection you can ever have is common sence. Dont give out your credit card information to a site that you dont know unless it is a big manufacturer like Dell, HP, Microsoft, Symantec etc. If you ever receive an email asking for money, delete it and do not reply. If you ever receive an email pretending to be your bank asking you to verify your account details, delete it and do not reply. Your bank already has all your information and they will never ask you to verify it unless you are in a proper bank branch.

Run Scans on a weekly basis to ensure you have nothing hiding in your machine and keep your Virus updates up to date.

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