Cork Web Design Starter Webiste Package

The Starter Website Package is designed for a start-up company who are looking for something simple and affordable.

Cork Web Design Business Webiste Package

This Package is ideal for medium to large companies who would like to have a corporate feel to the design.

Cork Web Design Premier Webiste Package

The Premier Website Package is ideal for large companies looking to have a large corporate sized website and display their full product line.

Cork Web Design E-Commerce Webiste Package

The E-Commerce Website Package takes the Product System in the Premier Website Package to a new level by adding the online sales aspect.

How to use SEO

Using the SEO tools in our Content Management System is now easier than ever.

Keyword Analysis

What key phrases are your customers using to try and find the services you provide? You can use our in-built website traffic statistics to see how your visitors are finding your website. Once you have a list of these key phrases, you need to input them into the "Meta Keywords" area in the Content Management System so that they are programmed into your website.

See what your Competitors are using?

You can view your competitors meta details by right clicking on their website and choose view source. You are not breaking any rules by looking at their code, this is the code that they have choosen to make available to the public, but this coin has two sides and they can see yours too. If they have done their meta details correctly, their meta tags should be at the top of the page similar to:

Example Meta Tags

Regionalize your Keywords

Try and use locations with your keywords. As people will naturally search for local companies they often use the city they are located in to accompany the service they are looking for (ie. Webdesign Cork)

Meta Title and Description

This is the title of your page which you will see at the top of your Internet Browser, it is also the title which will appear in search engine listings. Use strategic keywords in this title to promote your services. When you modify a page in our content management system you will notice a section down at the bottom of the page which is called "RSS and Search Engine Data". This is where the unique Meta title and description will be put in so that the search engines have a different set of Meta titles and descriptions for each page on your website.

Content Must Be Relevant

Your content on the page must be filled with regional keywords to help your search engine listings. And most importantly your content must be related to the Meta keywords, titles and descriptions you are using on that page. Review your website content and try and use as many keywords that people will use to find your website. Do not use too many keywords that they directly affect the flow of your content. It should still be readable but functional.

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