Cork Web Design Starter Webiste Package

The Starter Website Package is designed for a start-up company who are looking for something simple and affordable.

Cork Web Design Business Webiste Package

This Package is ideal for medium to large companies who would like to have a corporate feel to the design.

Cork Web Design Premier Webiste Package

The Premier Website Package is ideal for large companies looking to have a large corporate sized website and display their full product line.

Cork Web Design E-Commerce Webiste Package

The E-Commerce Website Package takes the Product System in the Premier Website Package to a new level by adding the online sales aspect.

What is SMTP Authentication

Email providers around the world are now switching to what is known as "SMTP Authentication" to try and reduce the number of junk email (spam).  SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which enables the sending of mail.  Authentication is a method of identifying the origin of emails that stops emails being sent anonymously.  Most nuisance emails are sent through unsecured servers, by locking all the servers to authorised users this should reduce spam around the world. 

In simple terms our server verifies who you are before you can send email through it.

How does Cork Web Design handle SMTP

Cork Web Design has been using SMTP Authentication since 2002.  When we set up your email or when you follow one of our step by step guides you will have this setting already enabled.  You wouldn't be allowed to send any email through our server without it.  

What would happen if I accidentally turned the SMTP Authentication Off

You would most likely get an error message 550 from the server and your message would be refused.

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